Time Management Mobile App

It's the perfect business idea for entrepreneurs with planning and technology experience.

Time Management Overview

People are constantly striving for more time to spend with family and friends but they are busier than ever today. And when they do find some time, it's difficult to match their schedules with those they want to spend time with because everyone is out of sync. Having the ability to manage their time along with every aspect of their life that revolves around it would be invaluable.
Develop an all-in-one app with a feature called "timelines" that represents different aspects of the person's life. Each timeline would be a module with its own features (e.g. fitness timeline: calorie tracker, meals timeline: meal/grocery manager, social timeline: shared friend calendar, work timeline: meeting manager, finances timeline: budget manager, etc). Timelines can be layered to create a super calendar customized to fit each person's unique lifestyle.

Business Model

Revenue Stream
B2C › Freemium
Give out a basic version of the app for free. Charge users a monthly or yearly subscription fee for a premium version of the app with more advanced features like recommendations, reminders, etc.
Marketing Channels
Affiliate Marketing
Content Marketing
Direct Selling
Email Marketing
PPC Advertising
Referral Program
Social Media
Word of Mouth

Buyer Persona

Occupation Manager
Personality Planner
Age 18-70
Gender Male, Female
Location World
Education High School
Income $10K - $500K
  • Determined to succeed
  • Focused on self-improvement
  • Very organized
  • Hates wasting time
  • Feels impatient when delayed
  • Dislikes inefficiencies

SWOT Analysis

  • Offers absolute data privacy as all the app data would only be stored on the user's device
  • Low overhead and ability to execute quickly as a startup
  • Other strengths your team may possess
  • Will take time to generate revenue as lot of users will need to join first
  • Initial prototype will require a lot of development effort
  • Other weaknesses your team may possess
  • People are busier than ever today so they value their time
  • Very large market allows network effects to kick in
  • High switching costs for users once historical data is stored on the app
  • Users may develop fatigue if the app becomes too bloated
  • Unforeseen partnership issues like co-founder leaving
  • Large technology company may offer similar app or service in the future

Estimated Market Size

Total Available Market
Potential Available Market
Target Market
Total Available Market
Total market you can theoretically reach if there were no competitors like everybody in the world. Also called Total Addressable Market (TAM).
Potential Available Market
Segment of TAM you can potentially reach if you were a market leader like career-oriented managers. Also called Serviceable Available Market (SAM).
Target Market
Portion of SAM you can realistically reach in the first few years of your business like entrepreneurs. Also called Share of Market (SOM).