Domain Appraisals

Free AI-powered domain appraisals based on historical sales.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the domain appraisal tool work?
Simply enter a domain name you would like to appraise into the search field above and the AI-powered domain appraisal tool will instantly estimate its worth.

How much does the domain appraisal tool cost?
The domain appraisal tool is completely free to use and you can appraise as many domain names as you like.

Why does my domain name matter?
It's because your domain name has such a huge impact in so many areas of your business like these:
Why are domain names so expensive?
You might be skeptical about the real value of a domain name. You might think, it's just an address to your website; it doesn't affect your core brand, your products, or your services. But it doesn't take much research to see just how valuable domains are. It's true that you can pick up a basic domain for just a few dollars, but the best domains in the world are highly sought after by experienced entrepreneurs, thus driving up the price significantly. Why? Because they know just how important and valuable the right domain can be for their business. You may find it surprising but the domain was sold in 2019 for $30 million, one of the largest publicly reported sales of all time. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Check out our list of top domain sales.