Photo Editing Service

It's the perfect business idea for entrepreneurs with design and image editing experience.

Photo Editing Overview

Plenty of people would love to enhance their vacation photos, wedding pictures, yearbook portraits, baby pictures, etc. However, they can't because they don't have any image editing experience. Additionally, photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop and CorelDRAW is hard to learn and too expensive for most people.
Offer a professional photo editing service that's quick, affordable, and easy-to-use through a website or app where potential customers can upload the photos they want edited and enter a detailed explanation of what specifically they need done. You can even add an option to have the final version of the photos printed for convenience.

Business Model

Revenue Stream
B2C › Transactional
Offer different packages based on the type of edits required (e.g. Bronze Package: Cropping, Resizing; Silver Package: Color Correction, Sharpening; Gold Package: Lens Correction, Special Effects; etc).
Marketing Channels
Affiliate Marketing
Content Marketing
Direct Selling
Email Marketing
PPC Advertising
Referral Program
Social Media
Word of Mouth

Buyer Persona

Occupation Professional
Personality Expressive
Age 18-65
Gender Female
Location World
Education Undergraduate Degree
Income $50K - $150K
  • Strengthen personal relationships
  • Concerned with well-being of others
  • Desire to be center of attention
  • Lot of commitments
  • Rushed lifestyle
  • Very impatient

SWOT Analysis

  • Great time to take advantage of advanced photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop
  • Very low investment or personal capital needed
  • Other strengths your team may possess
  • Establishing a reputation in a crowded market will be challenging
  • Building a website may be difficult for non-technical founder
  • Other weaknesses your team may possess
  • Photography is trending across the world
  • Broad market includes major life events like marriages, kids, vacations, jobs, education, etc
  • Target realtors, advertisers, and businesses in the future
  • Customers may not want to spend money on edits
  • Decline in photography market due to rise of newer technologies like virtual reality
  • Hard to differentiate against competitors

Estimated Market Size

Total Available Market
Potential Available Market
Target Market
Total Available Market
Total market you can theoretically reach if there were no competitors like all consumers and businesses in the world. Also called Total Addressable Market (TAM).
Potential Available Market
Segment of TAM you can potentially reach if you were a market leader like all consumers in the US. Also called Serviceable Available Market (SAM).
Target Market
Portion of SAM you can realistically reach in the first few years of your business like specific consumers in the US. Also called Share of Market (SOM).